One Source

Have you ever wanted..

  • ONE vendor for your Gaming Needs?
  • Your distributor to be available?
  • To get points fast, and not wait days?
  • Reasonable rates?
  • The newest games?
  • An easy way to pay?

We get it, you need these things to run your business.

Milky Way Apps can provide:

  • Dozens and Dozens of Gaming Systems
  • 2 points of contact for you (your ICG Distributor, and ICG Technical & Invoicing Text support)
  • Live Chat Service
  • Points issuance in 30 minutes or less (within business hours)
  • Competitive Rates & Discounts for volume
  • We offer multiple payment methods
  • Support
  • And much more


There are dozens and dozens of Promotional Gaming Systems available to you.  Choosing the right one(s) based on your particular territory, customer demographics, and business type is key.  Below are the most popular Gaming Systems.  More products are always being added.  

To help narrow down the list, call your Milky way apps Distributor.

If you don’t have a  Distributor, then contact us to work with a Milky Way Apps Distributer.