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Yes.  We always recommend demoing BEFORE your commit to a Gaming System.  Ask your ICG Distributor for a Demo.

We are on your side and want you to be profitable with the best Gaming System for you.  If you choose a Gaming System that doesn’t work for your specific situation, we will of course try to solve the situation.  If software issue cannot be resolved through troubleshooting, then you and your ICG distributor:

  1. Come up with plan of which system to move balance (given all rates are different, transfer may not be on a 1:1 ratio)
  2. You close out all of your customer accounts
  3. Balance is transferred to new system

Closing out can take up to a week since you will need to give prior notice to all your customers.

This refers to exactly where the Gaming System’s software is located.

Web/Cloud Based software is hosted on a remote server accessible via the Cloud.  Almost all new Gaming Systems are Web Based.


  • No Maintenance
  • Upgrades are fast
  • Data stored remotely
  • Accessible wherever there is internet access


  • Cannot access System without the internet

Server Based is stored on site at the exact location where the business is located. If a system has high graphics, the software may be


  • Can work without Internet


  • Requires an actual install
  • More expensive to setup

A little history, when the promotional gaming industry started in 2003, all systems were server based because of the lack of technology, in todays world where everyone has a smart phone, and internet is everywhere, we are now seeing that almost all systems are moving to web based.  

Our software is FREE. We only charge you for the points (or credits) for each System. Please contact us for rates.  Some Systems offer volume discounts.  No up front costs or ongoing maintenance costs.

NO.  There is no Back Office or Setup fee associated with any of the gaming systems we distribute.  The only costs involved are what the manufacture’s charge.  Some charge upfront for points, some charge after for points.  Depends on the product you choose, but there is no Back Office or Setup fee.

Compliance settings are different modes that Gaming Systems can be set to to fit within the various laws.  Some examples are:

  • Skill – Allows players the opportunity to influence the outcome
  • Pre Reveal – Mostly this feature allows the player to see a game result before they do the spin.  There are many different types of pre reveal out there

Some territories require different settings to operate.  You should always consult your attorney to ensure the proper system settings and use.